Remote business IT tech support service and server administration

Omega Web makes it simple for you to receive expert tech support no matter where you are with our remote tech support program. Knowledgable and helpful tech support is waiting to answer your questions. 

Sometimes you just can’t wait for someone to become available for a visit to your office.

Because remote or long-distance tech support can be provided as soon as someone answers the phone, customer service response time cuts down significantly. By not needing to spend time going to the client site, more time is being added back to the service time pool exponentially, making tech support agents available to service your computer systems and network on demand,

Remote Technical Support Team for your business

The Omega Web focuses on providing knowledge intensive support solutions that can be delivered remotely. We provide high quality, scalable and cost effective solution for outsourcing the technical and IT help desk functions. From our technical service center equipped with latest equipment, the technology help desk group provides total support solutions for ISPs, OEMs, software companies and IT needs of companies.

The support provided is comprehensive and covers all major operating systems, desktop applications that run the office environment. Our support services allow clients to reduce their support cost by 50%. Majority of our staff members are engineers with all necessary technical certifications and have gone through extensive training in soft skills required for customer support. We can provide you with shared representatives or support personnel dedicated full time to your products. We work with every client to ensure that our representatives match closely with the needs of our client companies.

We provide 24/7 technical support services to a variety of clients – software to hardware OEMs, ISPs and web hosts, application hosting providers, corporate IT departments, and small Cloud platforms. Discuss your technical support needs with our sales desk today.


Our technical support services features include:

  • 24 x 7 integrated support through the telephone, email and chat
  • Intelligent knowledgebase FAQs and solutions database used for information and troubleshooting purposes
  • Service request management (the logging, prioritization, tracking, research, resolution or dispatch/escalation and follow-up of help desk cases)
  • Escalations procedure management through voice, paging, and e-mail

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Remote Support

Just because you own and operate a vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean you have the time and inclination to become a seasoned auto mechanic. Instead, you simply take your car to a professional to have it serviced and deal with problems.

As a business owner, you likely take the same approach to computer networks. You have other fish to fry, what with managing business operations. You don’t have the time or skill to take on technical support as well.

The problem is hiring a professional network administrator and IT staff could be beyond your means, especially if you’re running a small business. Instead, you should consider the benefits of hiring a remote support services provider. Here are a few reasons to do so.

1. Affordable Solutions

Most remote support companies offer a variety of options that can help you to select the services you need at a price you can afford. If you’re not even entirely sure what you need, you can set up a consultation. This way your preferred remote support vendor can assess your business needs and offer advice on how to proceed with setting up or improving infrastructure, as well as obtaining necessary services within your budget.

2. Access to Trained Professionals

You may not be able to afford to hire the most qualified professionals full-time, but your remote services provider can. With an affordable service contract, you can gain access to the expert services you want without the price tag attached to on-site staffing.

3. Reduced Risk of Exposure

Computer security is a major concern for modern business owners, what with data breaches making the headlines with increasing frequency. Not only do you have to comply with federal, state, local, and industry-related privacy laws, but you want to maintain good relationships with clients by protecting the sensitive data they entrust to you.

Naturally, you want to keep your business up and running, as well. Remote support, including monitoring and maintenance services and off-site data storage, can help to set you up for success, increase security measures, and even recognize and stop a hack in progress before damage is done.

4. Increased Productivity

You might not see how remote technical support can increase productivity, but when you have professionals keeping your software and firmware up-to-date, your employees can focus on the jobs they were hired for rather than tackling tech support tasks. In addition, when systems are running at peak efficiency, your staff can be more productive.

5. Peace of Mind

Knowing you have immediate support should you face any technical snafus can reduce stress and allow you to focus on more important tasks like growing your business.

IT Support issues covered

  • Email Issues
  • Internet Issues
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Operating System Reinstall
  • Software installations
  •  Telephony / SIP
  • Printer Issues
  • Computer Hardware repair


Small business benefits

  • No long term contracts
  • No call out charges
  • Access to our Helpdesk System
  • Out of hours support
  • Free advice on your requirements
  • Applications or Services support

Our IT Infrastructure Management Services include

Server Administration
The Omega project provides server administration services for all commonly available flavors of Linux, Unix, and Windows. We have various level of plans which are customized to your needs. We cover the whole spectrum of infrastructure management issues such as monitoring operating system health and statistics, diagnostic analysis of critical system failure, operating system troubleshooting, repair and patches or daily backup system maintenance and restorations etc.

Web Hosting
We provide high quality, integrated (voice, chat and e-mail) technical support to hosting companies. Our support staff of qualified & experienced engineers, and trained administrators who have faced and solved several issues commonly faced by hosting companies, will save you money, time and effort.

Network Management
Our network support services include proactive network monitoring with firewall set up, software configuration to protect against viruses and malware, VPN configuration for remote access of company files and network, security audits, and a host of other services.

Virtualisation Services
Businesses are moving towards virtualisation technologies to capitalize on server utilization and considerably diminish the number of systems they have to support and manage. We has over a decade of experience in managing, optimizing, securing, and supporting intricate, mission-critical data center environments.

Technical Support
The Omega Web focuses on providing knowledge intensive support solutions that can be delivered remotely. We provide high quality, scalable and cost effective solution for outsourcing the technical and IT help desk functions. From our multiple technical service centers equipped with latest call center technology, the technology help desk group provides total support solutions for ISPs, OEMs, software companies and IT needs of companies.


We are well aware of the limitations that many small and medium businesses have, lacking the dedicated resources and infrastructure needed to maintain an in-house support team for their IT-related issues. For such clients, our exceptional and cost-effective remote network system administration services come into play.


We have a highly proficient network system administrator team to cater to the technical difficulties faced by such business with limited or no dedicated system administration resources. We provide both on-going and on-demand system administration support and remote system monitoring services which can be upgraded to full support during capacity expansion or emergencies. Our services are highly reliable and available round the clock to ensure that your business is always up and running.

  • Server Maintenance
  • Network Management
  • Performance Tuning to Achieve Optimum Results
  • Routine Check-up of your System and Servers
  • Setting-up a corporate Windows Terminal Server
  • Installing Upgrades and Fixations
  • Remote Troubleshooting Service
  • Linux System Administration for Systems Running on the Linux Platform
  • Windows System Administration for Systems Running on Windows


  • System monitoring
  • Logical & physical storage reviews
  • Error Log monitoring
  • Backup & replication monitoring
  • Performance analyses & optimization
  • Capacity & system planning
  • System remediation and troubleshooting
  • Patch reviews & installation
  • License reviews & vendor management
  • Advanced system admin tasks
  • User and printer management
  • Monthly reporting
    …or any other task that diverts your staff’s time from strategic IT initiative. Contact us for more details.


Ironpaper plays a critical support role for many clients–helping to maintain, scale and extend existing websites and web applications. We are capable of auditing existing technology and websites and then offer options to strengthen the online capabilities of organizations and businesses. Our work including web programming, design and marketing.


  • Website maintenance
  • Project and task management
  • Strategy consulting
  • Content management
  • Design & development
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Analytics