We are proud to announce our new customer, The Siam Solution Insurance company, which is a digital aggregator and processor of various insurance products / services across the Kingdom of Thailand.

We were worked on these starting items for better marketing and engagement, as well we did provided an offline agent service in Koh Phuket:

  • Website updates (mostly frontpage, below-the-fold and small updates to ease the process (and access to essential infos) on all steps). This update will change layout of information and services navigation, featuring on-mouse-over infos for menu and compact essential info
  • LinkedIn works / B2B (profile updates, followers, related posts, introductory email, extra profile info).
  • Scan / research content (foreign inclusions in content, metas, etc)
  • Keywords / demand research => Insurance / Thailand (will be used for SEO needs and website content updates)
  • Website optimization / SEO (meta, descriptions, content matching links, h1-h5, etc) complete
  • Search positions probing (weekly reporting)
  • 404 errors on-site
  • Add conversion – order / sales goals tracking
  • Setup CloudFlare CDN / SSL
  • Connect social accounts
  • Tech website updates / check fetching speed-tune, setup SSL/HTTPS everywhere, etc.
  • Service introductory webpage (on main website, distinct info on enrolling and registration form expanded and easier, case studies). This one will be used as a landing page for new customers (dealers)
  • Mass emailing to our APAC database (40% resort administration related people), 10000+ contacts
  • Inbound link campaign creation, running (including external campaign expenses). This one will be aimed to influence your website search ranking
  • Connect Google Tag manager/ search console, Google analytics, setup starter engagement tracking on-site

Project Details

  • Client

    Siam Insurance Solutions

  • Skills

    • Web-development
    • Marketing
    • Mass mailing
    • SEO