At Omega Web, we use cutting-edge video technology paired with over a decade of industry experience to develop marketing solutions that are tailored to fit your brand’s image.

Our services cover everything from production of your brand’s social media marketing video, to fully developed marketing campaigns, to annual retainer-based content and service packages. We take pride in the adaptability of our approach, as well as our experience working with brands of any size or industry.


Video Marketing & Production Services

Let Omega Web create the perfect commercial & advertise to your targeted market utilizing the hottest streaming networks & YouTube

Video Ad Consulting

We consult your business to develop video advertisements that appeal to your exact customers and are designed to convert. Our video production process ensures the commercial ad grabs attention and educates the consumer, while also focusing on key ROI metrics.

HD Video Production

Our team of expert script writers, videographers, and editors are ready to get to work creating your commercial. Utilize our in-house talent of spokespersons and actors or you be the star in your commercial! From script to screen, we have you covered.

Video SEO

We are YouTube SEO experts and can get your video at the top of the search results under keywords that your customers would use to find your product or service on YouTube. Over 5 billion videos are watched every day! Join the revolution.

Video Ad Marketing

From niche products to national branding, we have marketing programs that simply work. From highly targeted YouTube commercials to major TV networks, we can custom tailor a video ad campaign that fits your budget and target your demographic.

High Quality HD Marketing Videos – Affordably Priced

Video will bring an added dimension to your business and website that will help project the true essence of your company quickly. Videos embedded into your website will also enhance the content that you already have telling your story with maximum impact. Omega Web has all of the video production services and post-production capabilities under one roof to deliver a video that will meet and exceed your expectations – within your video budget.

Company marketing videos for your website, factory tour videos, educational videos, B-to-C, and informational videos are all among a myriad of possibilities. We’re Thailand-based videographers serving the business and corporate community and individuals Worldwide with creative video production services, video editing, writing, post-production, multilingual scripting and distribution capabilities.

Corporate, Commercial or Business Marketing Videos

Omega Web can produce imaginative and informative Internet or corporate and business presentational videos that will allow you to reach the largest audience possible or innovative training videos to a focused few.


It’s an every employee right to leverage their business as well as revenue for better future. Now it has become much easier for all business owners to catch the eyeballs of their visitors with the help of corporate animated videos that are prepared by our efficient team members. Such videos add an X-factor to their websites and can help them to bring in more revenue. People nowadays rely more on appearances and hire those services which have an interesting website layout.

We Stand Out From The Whole Lot Of Promotional Video Production Companies ! See For Yourself!

What we do

We have produced content in all shapes and sizes. From large scale shoots, to quick hitters. Production Services We offer full-service video production, from script writing and storyboard, to on location and studio production.

Marketing & External Comms

Company Campaign Videos • “About Us” Videos • Capabilities Videos • Explainers • Video for Social Channels • Sizzle Reels

Internal Communications

Leadership Messages • Quarterly Video Updates • Human Resources & Recruiting Videos • Social Media Content

Brand / Product

Brand Launch Videos • Kickstarter / Crowdsourcing Campaigns • Product Promotions • Content for E-Commerce Sites

Case Studies

Customer Stories & Testimonials • Patient Stories • Employee Profiles • Short Form Documentary

Training and Learning

Safety Training • Process Demos • Compliance Training Modules • E-Learning • Sales Training Videos

Real estate Videography

Our goal is to create a stunning first impression for buyers by creatively highlighting the best features of your properties and showcasing the home. We strive to leave customers wanting more, and when they come to see the home in person, they will already have a good first impression.

At Omega Web, we believe in the power that emotion has when influencing a home & appartment buyer.

We know that buyers buy with their hearts first and professionally done photos and video can help buyers develop those emotions and get their hearts set on one of your listings.

Video tours promote you as an agent by showing your customers that your one of only 12% of real estate agents that use video. You will also save time showing your properties because video helps to qualify a potential customer’s true interest.

We’re not a fan of boring documentary style video tours. Our tours are short and simple. The way buyers want them to be.

Every Home has a story to tell!

Annual corporate report

A great way to get people to actually pay attention to your annual report. 

Video annual reports are an original alternative. Presenting your report in a video will make your company appear more personal. You can show what your company has achieved over the past year and what plans have been made for the upcoming period. Highlight your most successful project and put a face to the organisation by interviewing some of the company leaders. The possibilities are endless.

3d visualization in healthcare

We help you communicate product information to colleagues within the industry, healthcare staff, patients and investors.

  • MOA Animations: Explain your product’s mechanism of action through animation capable of visualizing unfilmable processes and of giving you the visual expression you require.
  • E-Detailing: Strengthen your sellers’ prerequisites for a successful dialogue with doctors or pharmacist, by giving them an interactive, digital tool for presenting product information. We can deliver complete e-learning solutions or visual content to existing productions.
  • Instructional Videos: Make it easier to educate healthcare staff on the use of medical appliances by showing a video that explains and demonstrates the entire process.

Industrial / machinery videos

Our team can produce a wide range of industrial 3D animations for a broad range of industries. Whether you are planning to show an industrial plant such as a refinery or a factory, or you would like to show a new product/equipment that your company has developed, our team of industrial designers and 3D animators can create photorealistic models and an environment visualizing your vision.

Our company offers industrial 3D animation services to a wide range of industries, including:

  • Industrial equipment / automation / manufacturing process
  • Natural resources, mining, oil and gas
  • Transportation, Energy and utilities

An Added SEO Video Bonus.

Once our videographer produces your video, Omega Web will give the video the search engine exposure boost that it needs to be seen. We’ll search engine “optimize” or “SEO it” so searchers/sales prospects will be able find it on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. Without this step, the video will be invisible in the vast sea of Internet clutter. Video plus the right marketing distribution to your audience to view is an increasingly necessary one-two web marketing punch that should be considered.

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