Real Estate and property marketing worldwide

We specialise in creating personalised commercial property marketing campaigns that can take your business to the next level. Our team is extremely skilled in a wide range of both the design and marketing areas, and are very well equipped to create an advertising campaign that will elevate the success of your business to new heights and achievements. We combine the diverse talents of our team members, who come from several different areas of the creative marketing fields.

From strategy, to production, to execution – we’ll ensure your commercial property marketing campaigns are well planned, and pixel perfect. Using digital advertising – we are able to take a holistic approach to delivering high impact campaigns that deliver on our clients commercial property marketing objectives.

We understand that an effective residential and commercial property marketing campaign needs to be well planned, underpinned by solid strategy and the right combination of media. Because we are experienced with many different types of advertising – we are able to look at our client’s property marketing campaigns from a broader perspective, and put together the correct assortment of advertising that will suit your company’s goals and aspirations.

Smart targeting

We distinguish our property marketing services from other firms in two ways: we segment your prospects to make the best possible use of marketing resources, and we have a system to drive prospects through a “transaction filter,” taking them from basic awareness of your property through the contract stage.

  • Market segmentation. Most real estate marketing proposals list dozens of tactics—signage, online listings, flyers and tours—but lack strategic segmentation of the potential market to make the best use of available resources.

Our approach is to develop a prospecting hierarchy that defines your best possible tenants or buyers, such as those with the greatest need or those likely to pay the highest price.

  • Primary targeting: We connect with the best prospects through high-touch, personal contact including calls and booked tours.
  • Secondary targeting: We connect with our database of appropriate targets through direct marketing, such as flyers, mail, email and broker contact.
  • Tertiary targeting: We ensure exposure to every potential target with broadcast tactics, such as advertising, online listings, signs and network exposure.