Project Description

At The Omega project, we creating and executing complex Digital Marketing and services extension programs for various businesses, such as Cafe and Restaurants.

But what if the company runs a business under franchise and cannot have it’s own web-site?

We had some clues on how to use social media powers (with a set of aggregated apps connected) together with local (residential) marketing.

In following, real-life example you can see a program proposal created for Hard Rock Cafe Phuket / Thailand.


The goals defined by customer:
  • Reach Locals (Thai) and Expats in the area to become an engaged in Cafe activities / time
  • Offer a catering services to locals and travelers
  • Increase the number of corporate visits / arrangements (both locals and visiting groups)
To reach these, and also build a stronger local connections, we had to:
We are going to use a FB page as a proxy and content server for services we’ll have to implement. This can be done by adding tabs to main FB navigation, as well as additional buttons on page. Some tabs / buttons will use integrated FB functionality, while others will load and external helper applications. Visitor will not have to leave FB to use any of them (except the final payment processing, if any needed).
  • Setup a booking / services order pages within a Facebook. Group + personal.
  • Setup a visitor calendar connection to include HRC event automatically. This is done by FB integrated module.
  • Host a party FB booking page / (managed by operator at final order step).
  • Setup a catering order page. Details and calculator (?), payment.
  • Setup a payment for pre-booking (Will use integrated solutions here, visitor will not leave facebook. Maybe there will be 2-3 proxy pages both for order/payments to make it convenient for customers.)
  • Reach a local and national tour operators with a group booking availability.
  • Update and improve LinkedIn profile. Start gathering connections and followers within local businesses and executives (about 2000 new connections a month).
  • Regular works to improve LinkedIn profile views rating, will try to reach and keep top 1%.
  • Maintain automated reposts Facebook => Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Update Twitter profile, start gathering connections
  • Maintain and share lists of connections across social media. Connect same person on all the networks.
  • Create and run continuously FB ads to target locals / tour companies in Thai, businesses ==> Promote group bookings.
  • Have an upcoming events regularly posted on FB with pre-booking functionality
  • Connect to most of the social profiles of Phuket residents with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Implement “Newsletter / announces subscription on Facebook (to be sent to visitor’s email)
  • Extend “Menu” area – maybe have to use Facebook external app integration to display, sort and view all the menu items with pics and details.

These services were proposed as a Facebook booking/reservation solution:

Resdiary also can help you to manage orders and things ==>

Below is the image and full PDF download of final proposal with quotes:

Project Details

  • Client

    Hard Rock Cafe / Phuket Island, Thailand

  • Skills

    • Social media
    • Web development
    • Marketing