The Omega project team has an extensive expertise in carrying out various market and online research, as well as managing projects utilizing market research methods. We able to utilize online methodologies to complete research aims – if you are interested in carrying out research relating to a website or online offering, please contact us.

Research methodologies/applications (both for financial institutions and funded projects)

  • Market Research
    • Pre-Entry Market Advisory. Strategy report on one or more of the following three areas:
      • Customer and competitor analysis in target market
      • Recommended modes of market entry
      • Trade regulations and import procedures
    • 3-in-1 Holistic Market Pre-Advisory Report. Company SWOT and competitor analysis:
      • Identify gaps/opportunities that companies have to address, including but not limited to target market, product positioning, and design
      • List top competitors for the product/service that the company plans to introduce in the new market
    • Customer Segmentation and Analysis:
      • Understand the potential customers and their profiles to better strategize your approach for the market of interest.
    • Market Entry Strategy Recommendation:
      • Suggest possible market entry modes and strategies companies may consider for the specified market(s) (e.g. Joint venture, franchise or direct setup of office in-market)
      • Advice on market dynamics and potential business opportunities
      • Examine market structure and size, trends, sector development
      • Evaluate feasible market entry options and recommend the most appropriate mode of entry and business model
    • Competitor analysis of target market
      • Provide a snapshot of up to 5 key competitors in the market. This includes general contact information of these companies, their marketing strategies, product/service offerings, key channels, end-buyers, pricing information (applicable for retail products only), and price sensitivity analysis of the market.
    • Advertising research and analytics; 
    • Business Matching
      • To facilitate your market expansion plans, Omega project can identify potential business partners, including agents and distributors, for your products and/or services in the specified market. We can also outline best market niches for investing. Depending on the nature of your business and the products and/or services to be introduced to the markets, up to 5-8 in-market meetings with potential partners may be arranged over two working days for you to establish the synergy and possibility for collaborations. Qualifying costs for Business Matching services can be offset with the MRA Grant should companies meet the eligibility criteria.
      • Prior to the start of the programm, an in-market trade specialist will brief you and offer advisory on doing business in the market, and share basic rules and regulations for your sector.

        NOTE: The success of each meeting is dependent on the market, nature of your company’s products and services and the level of interest from potential distributors.
  • Surveys – Online Market Research: Quantitative Consumer Surveys (utilising panel respondents or your own customers);
  • Surveys – Online Market Research: Quantitative B2B Surveys (utilising panel respondents or your own customers);
  • Online Dashboards: Real time reporting accessed online;
  • Accompanied Surfing Interviews;
  • Web Enabled Focus Groups;
  • Web Enabled Hall Tests;
  • Website evaluation research;

Custom Deliverables for Decision Makers

We don’t believe in templated results. Our quantitative research deliverables are designed to be useful for C-level employees down to the marketing team. Through customized deliverables and in-person or virtual results presentations, our job isn’t done until all key stakeholders see the utility of the research and how it applies to their day-to-day responsibilities. Therefore, Wakefield’s quantitative research reports include specific sections for the executive team, the marketing and sales teams (when applicable) and for the research team. All quantitative research projects also include standard deliverables like cross-tabulated banner reports that show results by key demographic and psychographic audiences.

Online market research can be conducted with both consumers and businesses. The methodology is particularly useful when trying to quickly and efficiently reach large target audiences and clients often wish to utilise a pre-existing list of email contacts which can also reduce costs. Our in-house data services team will script and design a survey, and then deliver an individual link directly to the target audience via email. We abide by all the relevant data protection laws and we do not send out any research materials until receiving final sign off from our clients.

If a list of appropriate contacts is not available, we have access to many of respondents through our panel partners. We utilise a number of online research panels for surveying specific groups of consumers and businesses (fully screened contacts that have ‘signed up’ to take part in online market research surveys). We work with these partners on a daily basis and have excellent relationships with them, meaning that not only is the process of completing online market research through them slick and easily managed, but we are also able to negotiate favourable prices for our clients.

All our online surveys are entirely hosted and managed by us. Responses are automatically processed at the back end, allowing us to easily analyse the research data and have results available within a quick timescale. We can also provide “live results” for our clients throughout the fieldwork period.

If you are interested in carrying out more qualitative online market research, we are able to offer online focus groups and web-enabled depth interviews. The advantage of this style of research is that, unlike in traditional focus group for instance, it allows individuals who are more geographically dispersed to share opinions on a topic. There is also the potential to introduce visual stimuli, which is not possible utilising more traditional tele-depths for instance.

We can also offer accompanied surfs – where a researcher would talk with a respondent about a website or online offering as they moved around the site.