Successful Luxury Goods and Premium Services Marketing.

Lifestyle and premium marketing is all about branding, and no one does that better than ultra-luxury companies. These brands are some of the best around at drumming up organic conversations and inserting their logo or product into them.

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“When it comes to luxury, we believe the sky is the limit. Welcome aboard the new Four Seasons Jet.” — Four Seasons Hotels (@FourSeasons)

Affluent Austerity

While upper-income consumers have largely recovered from the recession, they are still holding back when it comes to spending. Simplicity, back-to-basics, retreat, and downscaling is the mood. Affluent consumers are no longer spending extra on expenditures and indulgences; instead, they are trading down to less premium brands. Consumers are being more selective, more pragmatic, and much more careful about the luxuries they purchase.

Millennials’ New Expectations

For marketers at the luxury-end of the spectrum, younger affluent consumers, under age 45, are more valuable because the younger affluents spend significantly more on luxury goods than more mature affluents. Younger affluents are at a point in their lives when they are making first-time luxury purchases, such as vehicles, major appliances, furniture, and home goods, which become a rite of passage into affluence.

Luxury Brands’ Evolving Story

Luxury brands need to learn how to tell the story of their brand to a new breed of affluent customers. The idea of consumer aspiration for luxury brands – that people will see the brand as a realization of a hope or ambition – is dead. The truly affluent don’t need status symbols; instead, they need to be inspired to buy up and pay a premium for luxury.

Luxury’s Brand New Style

Affluent consumers are expressing luxury in a brand-new style. Consumers are looking for a more understated, even modest, expression of their lifestyle. They want fashion that focuses more on substance than style and on quality at a price that respects the customer’s intelligence and personal values.