Email list building, mass mailing, integrated marketing, social media, website and LinkedIn lead generation services.
Concentrate more on your core business, while we will send you a qualified fund-seekers.

Do what you do best – let us handle the lead generation process.

There are more than 2.5 billion people online. Tapping just a fraction of this incredibly huge and dynamic market could definitely set your brand and business up for continuous profit. The key to success is to drive a continuous flow of highly targeted traffic that converts into valuable leads, subscribers or sales into your landing pages or sales pages. This is where effective lead generation techniques come into play.

the Omega project is set to helping you get the most from your online marketing campaigns using lead generation techniques that are specifically tested and proven to deliver the right kind of results you want. The intent is to drive not only a steady flow of traffic to your websites, blogs, landing pages or sales pages, but to attract targeted audiences that have the most likelihood on converting into customers – helping you reach your ultimate goal of increasing sales and revenues. We also may pre-screen investment projects before sending to you.


Why Use Lead Generation Services for your Business?

  • Lead generation services delivers guaranteed results so you can get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, maximizing results while minimizing the cost of paid advertising, and to achieve the ultimate goal for all your online marketing efforts – to generate leads and sales.
  • Lead generation services ensures that you attract highly targeted traffic that already have the greatest inclination to avail of your products or services by properly matching what you have with what they need.
  • In a highly competitive digital marketing arena, it pays to make use of effective lead generation techniques that are proven to work in a multi-channel and multi-platform online environment.
  • Effective lead generation services not only increases your sales / investments volume, but is also intended to improve your overall branding and online reputation as well.

How Does Our Lead Generation Service Work?

  • Full Marketing Strategy – We do employ a lead generation campaign that makes use of highly effective and proven digital marketing techniques that will provide for you a full marketing strategy that delivers profitable actions and results from targeted sets of customers and audiences.
  • Landing Page Optimization – Your landing page is a very critical element in your lead generation campaign and is crucial in guiding your targeted audiences into making the ultimate action that will convert their visit into a generated lead or sale.
  • Traffic Generation – Internet marketing is effective if it generates highly targeted traffic that converts. the Omega project will employ effective traffic generation techniques that will help you get maximum results for your business.
  • Split Testing – Effective A/B split testing methods are employed to determine which lead generation method will deliver the most favorable result in terms of conversion optimization.
  • AD Budget Optimization – Paid advertising deliver highly targeted traffic, but it could also cost you much more than it can deliver without proper AD budget optimization and management.
  • Data Analysis – The secret to successful businesses is continuous improvement and you can do so by properly analyzing your metrics and other data so appropriate adjustments in your lead generation campaign is made to deliver better results.

Our proven lead generation process to qualify sales leads will help your company

  • Increase sales / revenue and number of investment projects: Better lead generation leads to better sales – we’ll show you how to sell more, sell sooner, and sell more often. 
  • Reduce costs per sale: Better lead generation and more focused efforts to qualify business leads results in more efficient appointment setting and more productive conversations with prospects. We help you spend less time on unproductive sales leads, and more time closing deals. 
  • Give your business a competitive edge! You’ll have a special lead generation team in your corner, drumming up a fresh pipeline of sales leads. Can your competitors say the same?
  • Reduce costs per new client acquisition. Stop casting a wide net and wasting time with unqualified business leads! We’ll show you a better way to get in front of motivated decision makers with more focused lead generation, better qualified sales leads and efficient appointment setting.
  • Leverage the time of your sales team. Keep your in-house sales team focused on what they do best – meeting with customers and closing sales. We’ll keep them supplied with a steady pipeline of new sales leads.
  • Scalability to expand or retract the size of your sales team. Scale up or scale down depending on your changing business needs.

Email Programs

Our proprietary email list building service is a customized solution for both your existing customer base and new business prospects. It will also work best for financial / investment institutions, as we have a large database of close top-management contacts of various companies. For funding-seekers we have a huge investment related database and our own email delivery facility, capable to send up to 1 million messages per day with detailed reporting.

Our email programs build customer bases, establishes and enhances your brand, and communicates with your target audience. This solution allows you to utilize one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools at your disposal…email marketing.  Acquiring quality email addresses is key to marketing success.

We utilize a permission based marketing strategies to build email contact lists. Customer email list development allows you to send opt in emails with the purpose of enhancing your business relationship with new, current or older customers and encourages customer loyalty and repeat business.

Social Media Lead Generation

the Omega project has been providing lead generation services before the Internet and e-mail became part of the marketing mix. One of the most exciting tools for today’s lead generator is social media. Having a social media platform is essential in today’s marketplace. Our clients’ social media campaigns are about more than broad concepts like “engagement” and “brand awareness” – we believe that a social media campaign isn’t worth the effort unless it produces new business leads.

With our specialization in lead generation, we know how to integrate social media with outbound lead generation techniques. Our social media lead generation methodology draws the visitors into your sales funnel, and then qualifies prospects using more traditional techniques. Your social media efforts don’t have to stand alone – we will blend all of these lead generation activities into an overall program to boost your credibility and trust, find more sales leads, improve your lead qualification process, and put your sales team in position to close more deals.

Website Lead Generation

Using SEO techniques is just one more way the Omega project can help your company generate more qualified sales leads. To get your website highly ranked in Google can increase the sales leads for your business, but if you want to get to the top of Google search results, the devil is in the details. Hiring a trusted SEO provider is crucial when talking about SEO. Not all SEO and link building strategies are equal. Unnatural links back to your site and other “search engine spam” SEO tactics can severely penalize your Google rankings.

Why should you hire us to help with your SEO?

There are many SEO firms on the market, all over the world, making big promises about how much they can achieve on a limited budget. However, if you’re serious about getting SEO results, you need to hire a reputable SEO services provider.

LinkedIn & XING Lead Generation

Have you joined a large LinkedIn or XING group and thought about the possibilities of owning your own group of that size? Owning a large vibrant group boosts your credibility and allows you to network and spread your message to industry leaders. We will work with you to build a strategy of bringing your connections, peers, and industry leaders into your group. This strategy includes “calls to action” on content, or other means of leveraging your existing business network. Being a group owner allows you to personally contact your decision makers, and makes that “cold introduction” into a very “warm introduction.” LinkedIn and XING lead generation is a great addition to your current content marketing activities because it enables you to connect to a larger pool of prospects, while at the same time getting a deeper relationship with prospects so you can target your sales efforts accordingly.

Twitter Lead Generation

We can help you gain a better understanding of how to use Twitter “the right way” to benefit your business. Many business professionals use Twitter to boast about themselves and promote their latest blog article. Here’s a little tip: it’s not about you, it’s about your followers. Think about what they want to hear: industry news, trends, insights, business intelligence, and worthwhile thought leadership to help them boost their own business prospects. Our consultants can help you build a base of Twitter followers who can enter your sales funnel. And we’ll show you how to use smart, proven Twitter strategies to invite Twitter followers to sign up for your mailing list, download your thought leadership or respond to your special offer.

Content Marketing

In the “old days,” companies had two choices for promoting themselves through the media – you could “buy” attention by placing an ad, or “beg” for attention by sending press releases pitching industry journalists to try to get featured in a news article. Today, companies are creating their own media platforms and are becoming their own publishers by using content marketing. Content marketing, when done correctly, will boost your individual and company credibility, and creates trust in your sales process. With content marketing, our consultants will help you create your own original articles and other interactive online content (such as infographics, white papers or YouTube videos) that shares your company’s expertise, engages your customers, and helps warm up the sales call. Content marketing enables your prospects to get to know you long before you pick up the phone or send an e-mail.

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