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Resort and Hotel Marketing services. Plus HoReCa / Cafeterias / Restaurants.

With an experience over years in industry, marketing and management experience, The Omega’s Web mission is to consult with owners, developers, communities, economic development authorities, lenders, investors, franchisors and operators in the marketing of hotels and resorts + HoReCa facilities, such as Restaurants and Hotels. Our goal is to assist new and existing hotels and resorts in generating maximum sales revenue and controlling operational costs to maximize profits and enhance investments. We provide extensive industry knowledge and superior customer service to our clients.

Strategies for success

Hospitality sales are different from consumer goods sales because marketers must sell tangible as well as intangible products. In many cases this means that they are marketing services rather than goods, and success hinges on creating the right feeling in the consumer. For example, a resort will want to cultivate a relaxing, fun atmosphere that is recognizable to customers and inspires those same feelings in the consumer.

Because the hospitality industry is mostly made up of tourism and other experiential services, a consistent brand identity is also very important. Marketers want to ensure that brand recognition exists so that customers will use their services again and again. Repeat customers bring in a sizeable portion of revenue, so marketing strategy must be split between maintaining relationships with past customers while seeking out new ones.

It’s vital to market to real people, and market to the right people. Insights from persona marketing, machine learning, programmatic marketing and Google’s customer match will all help you talk to your guests in 2020.

Dynamic Content Emails

Get personal with emails! Personalising email content can lift conversion rates by 12% (Choi, 2018) People act twice as fast if they are asked to do something and their name appears on it.

Instagram to be new ecommerce channel for hotels

Instagram, with its heavy focus on visuals and 400 million+ users, can be a very strong platform for hotels. Hotels today are creating “selfie stations” and brand hashtags – how will you use Instagram to connect in 2020?

User Generated Content

Your online reputation is key to success. There are more tools than ever to leverage UGC, and you need to take advantage in 2020. Respond to reviews, run contests on Twitter and Instagram. Use your current guests to drive future bookings.

Booking Retargeting

Making retargeting part of the booking funnel gives you a second chance to capture a guest’s interest. Strategies such as on-site, off-site and email retargeting are growing in popularity, used by hotels to increase direct revenue and deflect traffic from OTAs.

Holistic Marketing Budgets

Traditional marketing budgets are no longer effective: it’s all about performance. If your cost per acquisition on one channel is less than other booking channels, like OTAs, why restrict your budget and risk losing business at a lower cost?

Mobile dominates

Mobile has contributed over 94% of year-on-year growth in e-commerce traffic. On average, 21% of hotel bookings take place on Mobile devices. Make sure you’re ready for the future.

Content is the New SEO

With an average of 30-40% of a hotel’s revenue deriving from Organic traffic, having a content strategy that goes beyond typical ‘hotel information’ is extremely valuable. Whether it’s a blog about local events or an innovative social presence now is the time to get creative.

Relationship Marketing

With Ad Blocking on the rise, other methods of driving traffic to your site need to step up. Ad blocking grew globally by 41% in the past 12 months, and is expected to cost the industry $41B globally in 2020.

Video Everywhere

Video is taking over, with auto-play clips appearing on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. It’s no longer restricted to your website and YouTube – in 2020, there will be more channels than ever to promote your hotel’s videos on.

Buy Buttons Taking Over

Social E-Commerce is on the rise! Buy buttons on Facebook, Pinterest & other social channels will become standard as the line thins between social media and e-commerce sites.

In-the-Moment Marketing

Being “in the moment” matters for hotels. Showing up at the right place and the right time and having a strong presence on all channels where your personas hang out is crucial, so nail down guest personas and strengthen your strategy.

Meta Search Evolving

Meta Search continues to grow its market share in the hotel industry. With updates such as TripInstant and Trivago’s Facilitated bookings, the Meta Search landscape is still evolving and changing the way consumers book.

New Payment Methods

New ways of completing a payment, particularly on mobile are growing. Companies like Stripe are starting to change the market. 2020 will see fingerprint payment grow, more mobile payments and simplified checkout flows. Remember about cryptocurrencies also.

Marketing Landing Pages

Marketing landing pages can directly improve E-commerce conversion rates for hotels. They provide a single focus point for each campaign in a way a homepage can’t – usage of them will only increase in 2020.

Cross-Device Data

Cross device tracking will make major advancements in our multiscreen world, even as it raises privacy concerns. Google, along with a host of start-ups, are investing significant time and money into developing stronger cross-device results.