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Done properly, ethical medical marketing can grow your profits, attract the patients and cases you want, build your reputation (brand) and even enable you to have a life again.

The Omega Web specializes in getting you results. Our clients are typically providers (hospitals, medical practices, ASCs, dental practices, etc.) and manufacturers who want to reach patients.

Healthcare marketing is not a decision that should be taken lightly—after all, this is your reputation we’re talking about. Therefore, we invite you to explore our site, then contact us with your questions, and we will be happy to help you.

The Omega Web is your strategic marketing partner in an ever-expanding, ultra-competitive marketplace. We specialize in providing your business with proven marketing programs that deliver measurable results. Online and offline, we have built a talented and experienced healthcare marketing team that dedicates every day to attracting, engaging and driving the new patients and new cases you want to your website, your phone lines and your offices.

Digital Channels Overtaking Traditional Marketing.

What we are seeing today is a continuation in trends that kicked into gear during the last couple of years. Digital channels are overtaking traditional marketing channels. This is actually true for all marketing sectors, including provider-to-consumer marketing.

The MM&M study cited above shows that the greatest growth for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotech and medical device marketing budgets is taking place in social media, mobile/tablet apps and digital sales materials. For consumer marketing tactics, the greatest growth is taking place in mobile/tablet apps, social media and digital ads. Hospital providers are also shifting to digital channels to market to healthcare consumers. It’s no wonder.

According to Think with Google’s The Digital Journey to Wellness – Hospital Selection:

  • 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments.
  • Search drives nearly three times as many visitors to hospital sites, compared to visitors from other referral sites.
  • 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device schedule an appointment.
  • Before the moment of conversion, patients typically search on symptoms and condition terms.

Digital Content is Key to the Decision Process.

Prior to booking an appointment:

  • 77% of patients used search.
  • 83% used hospital sites.
  • 54% used health insurance company sites.
  • 50% used health information sites.
  • 26% used consumer-generated reviews.