How much does this cost?

We have a general monthly marketing plan starting with $950/month, which includes elements of SEO, SMM, website upgrades, content marketing and other items. However, pricing depends on your project state, scale and lead requirements. Pay-per-lead approach also possible.

Is there a minimum term?

Minimum contract is 2 months. We do however suggest at least a 6-month commitment for best results in long-term perspective. For projects required funding: usual time to find right investor about 2 month. In cases of large funding amounts it may take up to 3 months.

What’s the first step?

Please get in touch and we will get you started with a free consultation to discuss your objectives and how we can help. We'll also send you a sample agreements and may review your documentation on project (for businesses looking for funding).

We are a small firm, can you help us?

Absolutely! Marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach your goals and is a great way to grow your company and increase sales/revenue. Contact us about about your project quotation and details.

How do we know if it’s working?

Apart from an increase in calls and website enquiries (leads), we provide a detailed conversion/contact performance reporting to track the ongoing progress of your marketing plan. Everything we do, outlined in a real-time commented work plan available online.

Why do most financial firms’ promo campaigns fail?

The financial sector is highly competitive and most generic firms don’t understand or have the relevant experience. Omega founder, Alex Tsvetochkin - has a 22 years of martech / marketing experience. Apart from this, we have a direct and close relationship with over 40 financial institutions and getting new projects daily.

How can you run marketing campaigns that work?

Based on our knowledge and experience we have built the right techniques, personnel and processes to deliver successful campaigns, utilizing latest communication technologies and connecting to right people. Ask us for a detailed example.

My business is focused on B2B clients and we are not a financial organization, can you still help??

For B2B digital marketing we use online marketing strategies to promote your business to clients interested in your products or services. We can use multiple digital marketing strategies to increase brand recognition, drive leads, and ramp up revenue for your company. Definitely, we can help here.

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