Digital Marketing for
Lawyers, Business consulting, management firms

Lawyer’s practice, general business consulting, management consulting marketing services.

Business helper industries marketing on the rise, companies slowly starting to adopt new tactics and strategies, even in most conservative sectors, like legal consulting and legal management.

The Omega Web has a variety of solutions for legal practices, consulting firms, management consultants, which can feet any business needs, independent of its scale and targeting:

  • Brand and company promotion, loyalty programs
  • Social media marketing
  • Niche discovery
  • Targeted e-mailing lists
  • Off-market services
  • Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing
  • Top-level management / owners targeting
  • LinkedIn profile campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Extensive analytics and customer reporting
  • Measuring of ROI / calls – contacts tracking

Consider, that SEO Work Is Essential

Firms not using any kind of SEO could be missing out on quite a few cases over the course of a year. Ranking for things like “personal injury” is important (for legal & local search) as people search for location specific terms when dealing with legal or civil cases. Or, for example “management consulting Thailand”, is a good starting point for appropriate service and location targeted.

Ask for results that are quantitative rather than qualitative as new clients and leads are the goals of the marketing campaigns.

The Omega Web have a solid SEO strategy for you

  • Exclusive local / regional targeting (ex. “Bangkok lawyer”, “thailand consulting firm”)
  • Demand research within a specific area / business
  • Knowing what keywords to target is important. Then knowing which ones convert can help shape the link building campaign.
  • Have the firm’s website optimized for SEO with the correct tags. These sites are quite affordable to have built as many web designers have adapted to building websites with strong SEO attributes.
  • Use content to help the firm build links, as mentioned above legal resources commonly are used as resources in online publications with a link as reference.
  • Creating social media profiles is important as sometimes this can be one of the first things that shows up when searching certain keywords.
  • Engagement with readers or those on social media is something that Google is looking for in a larger way than ever.
  1. Focus on marketing and business development is increasing.

Ninety-four percent of respondents agree or somewhat agree that firms are increasing focus on marketing and business development. What is behind that increased emphasis demonstrates the changes the industry is experiencing. Sixty-eight percent of those who believe there is an increased focus say it is from an internal pressure to generate revenue. The other large contributors to this change are: corporate counsel are reducing firms they work with (46%); pressure from other law firms (43%); and new billing models (41%). Only 15% of responders see alternate service providers — those designed to disrupt the legal market — as the reason behind the increased focus. Perhaps it’s because we are blind to what we cannot see. No one ever expects to be disrupted.

  1. The relationship between attorneys and marketing / business development professions is key.

Described as “where the rubber meets the road,” the the relationship between company owners/management and marketing / business development professionals has to be a functional one for the firm to be successful. The good news is the relationship is generally good and frequently described as respectful, collaborative, supportive, and responsive. But there is a stumbling block — getting buy-in is still a challenge.