Helping to discover new investment markets of Cambodia

The Omega project, partnering with an MRTS Consulting ltd offer a data collection/ analytics / market research and market entry services in Cambodia, related to finding investment projects and customer for financial institutions. With over 15 years of experience in market research and consulting in Cambodia and strong knowledge of local market we can help our clients to design an effective research for business needs and provide a strong pre-screened leads seeking funding / loans / financial instruments.

Our team of Cambodians and expats with a combined 50-plus years experience in the planning and conduct of diverse market research projects. The experience is with multi-national companies in Cambodia and other Asian and European countries including global market research firms such as Ipsos and Nielsen.

Our team’s mission is to design and deliver a more effective research that can help our the clients make better decisions and succeed in the market.

We understand our customer objectives differ from one project to another depending on the marketing considerations and type of decisions to be made. 

Our Services

Our team has in-depth experience in both quantitative and qualitative research in Cambodia, market entry consulting and business project supervision. Below includes the market research and lead provisioning services that we are capable to serve our clients:

  • Customized Research Solutions
  • Data Collection
  • Sample Recruitment
  • Survey Programming
  • Data tabulation & Analysis
  • Chatting & Reporting
  • Market Entry consulting
  • Business plan expertise
  • On-field business support and translations
  • Legal support
  • Business Match Maker
    • We organize a business matchmaking event to introduce you to qualified distributors / projects seeking funding / investments. We also search, assess and facilitate meetings between you , as our client, and your potential local distributors / representatives of your financial services.
  • Business Tour/Market
    • We organize a business tour for you to have a direct, comprehensive experience of the Cambodia market. The business tour will be customized based on your business interests; for example, visits to key ongoing projects looking for investors, prospect customers’ homes or factories etc.
  • Business Development in Cambodia
    • We work with you throughout a journey to build a new business, sign-up your first customer, create and refine the go-to-market strategy and accelerate business growth. We provide you the Market Opportunity Analysis, Value Proposition Analysis, Sales & Marketing Plan, Branding & Communication Materials, Product Launching & Pilot Test.
  • Market research and tests
    • Market landscaping
    • Market demand identification
    • Consumer Usage & Attitude
    • Brand Image & Positioning
    • Concept test
    • Product assessment
    • Advertising communications test
    • Brand Health tracking
    • Advertising tracking
    • Event/activity/promotion evaluation
    • Customer satisfaction survey
    • Service standard measurement


CAPI Data Collection & Quality Control for Financial institutions / investors

Managing the quality of the survey is always a challenge. Client always concerns about the quality of data. By using CAPI software, a lot of concerns can be addressed in a number of ways especially the below:

1.GPS – the location of the interviews can be tracked. With the GPS, we are able to know where the interviews are conducted versus the resource plan and quota allocation.

2.Voice record – this is an important feature of the CAPI that can help us make sure the data is collected from actual interview. The manager can conduct the random check of the audio files to understand the quality of interviews ie. If the interview is conducted properly or not. This will help them understand whether additional training will be needed or not and with which part etc. At MRTS, we will have our QC team to listen to all interviews and report back to management the quality and areas for improvements.

3.Quota monitoring – At the end of each day of fieldwork, our data manager will access to the dashboard and run all the required data to track the quota. This will help us to make a  better plan for the next day including which quota and areas that need to be paid more attention on.

4.Minimize errors

  • routing problems within the questionnaire are eliminated
  • interviewers cannot miss questions or ask the wrong questions
  • mathematical calculations can be carried out within the program
  • errors from separate data entry are eliminated.

5.Performance monitoring – With CAPI, we can closely monitor the performance of each interviewer versus the plan. This will help us to understand if the fieldwork is on the right track or not.

The Omega project is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to supporting the financial sector. Working with specialist financial firms around the world including Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), Financial Planners and Wealth / Asset Managers. Our range of marketing services include inbound financial marketing, financial search engine optimisation (SEO), financial PPC and financial copywriting.

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