Many wealth management firms target exclusively the ultra-wealthy. These firms often believe that one email or a couple of social media campaigns will engage that elusive ultra-high-net-worth individual (UHNWI).1

The truth is, if someone is a UHNWI, they likely already have a team managing their assets, and traditional lead generation campaigns may miss the mark entirely. 

If your target audience is the ultra-wealthy, then your marketing content should not only highlight your firm’s value proposition but address their interests and challenges as well. After all, UHNWIs are humans. Aside from their investments, they care about family, friends, business, hobbies, philanthropy, health, lifestyle, and politics. 

While laser-focused, niche content might be highly effective in some cases, it becomes irrelevant if your target audience doesn’t want to read what you’re sharing. UHNWIs aren’t just interested in “investing” articles. 

We recommend educating yourself on the specific interests of your prospects through interest-based nurturing campaigns, personalized outreach, and live events—then generating smarter content based on the data collected.

What type of content are UHNWIs interested in?  

The interests of wealthy prospects range from leisure and health to philanthropy. Common challenges are wealth preservation, generational wealth, business succession, and ensuring they have the best team managing their assets.

UHNW clients want to feel at ease and “looked after” by their investment team. They often seek a more holistic approach to their finances. They almost always expect a streamlined and simplified process—but most importantly, they need to trust their advisors understand the complexities and nuances of their case.

How do you build trust with an audience you don’t know?  

Well, it doesn’t happen overnight, not with one social media ad, not with one email, or even with one monthly newsletter. 

Trust is built over time with personalized, interest-based content that is delivered consistently through nurturing campaigns.

The best approach to creating compelling content is to track your prospects’ engagement and segment them based on their interests and needs.

We recommend segmenting UHNW prospects based on the following interests: 

  • Hobbies: Golfing, Sailing, Travel, Fashion, and Entertainment. 
  • Human Motivations: Family, Relationships, Health, and Lifestyle. 
  • Financial Goals: Estate Planning, Business Succession, Complex Finances, Recent Divorce. 
  • Age and Occupation: At what stage of their financial life are they? Are they family business owners or C-suite executives? 
  • Philanthropic Activity: Are they animal lovers? Environmentalists? 
  • Social Responsibility: Today’s UHNW investors like to think their investments aren’t backing unethical behavior and instead are solving challenges that range from inequality to climate change to equitable corporate governance. 

Nurturing campaigns containing interest-based content are effective methods for strengthening relationships with UHNWIs.

Once you have segmented your prospects based on their interests, you should deploy laser-focused and personalized content campaigns addressing those interests.

Let’s say several of your UHNW prospects are charitable givers (most of them are). Create a content offer campaign, including a guide titled “Make the Most of Your Charitable Donation,” so that the causes they support receive more while also saving them more on their taxes. If they download your guide, don’t just leave it at that. It is important to nurture them with more related content and continue to warm them up over time. Then, after they reach a certain level of engagement, invite them to review their current gifting strategy. Remember: A warmed-up prospect is more likely to accept your invitation than a cold lead.

By deploying interest-based nurturing campaigns that speak to your prospect’s interests, you will begin building trust-based relationships that surpass transactional connections. 

Increase your UHNW client base by cultivating trust and building relationships rather than selling. 

The purpose of relevant, tailored content is not to sell or solicit but rather to build trust, so you’ll be top-of-mind whenever your prospect is ready to decide. 

At the Omega project, we design long-term nurturing campaigns that learn about your audience, speak to their interests, and start a conversation. 

1UHNWI is defined as a person with a net worth of $30 million or more, including their primary residence.