Whether you are the client of a video production agency or engaged in video production services yourself, you’d want to keep up to date with upcoming video marketing trends. Every year the video marketing industry is subject to certain drifts and fads.

While some of these trends leave their mark on the industry and change how video production and marketing is carried out by a video agency forever, others fail to create as strong an impression. Either way, it is wise to keep abreast of these trends. After all, as a video production company, you don’t want to seem less knowledgeable and in tune with the industry to your client.

In other cases, if you happen to be the client, you’d like to have the video production agency in your service to employ the latest video marketing trends to market your brand. The inability to incorporate the most recent trends could be harmful to your profit making and allow your industry peers to steal a march over your video services. So, what are the emerging patterns one can expect in the video production space in 2020? Let’s find out –

Video Podcasts – Video Podcasts have been around for quite some time. However, they’ve slowly been picking up steam since 2019. A video podcast or videocast, as it is sometimes referred to, is simply a radio show/podcast recorded on video. The medium of video allows the audience to connect better with the voices they’ve been hearing. They can now see the people that they’ve been playing audience to. Video podcasts, as a marketing trend, are expected to grow more prominent in 2020.

Vlogging for Companies – Artists and influencers have been vlogging to bond with their audience for long, and companies too are now joining this ship. When a brand or company takes part in vlogging exercises, it allows them to display behind-the-scenes content and establish a humane connect with their customers. Brands can often come across as impersonal and vlogging sets about to correct this. Also, vlogging can keep customers updated about any upcoming product launches, company events, initiatives, and so on.

360 Degree Videos – 360 Degree Videos enable the video production company to present their audience with a 360-degree view of the surroundings where the content is being shot. These videos are especially helpful to provide an immersive view of beautiful locales. Travel companies and tourism brands will benefit the most from this video marketing trend that is slated to grow more popular in the coming year.

UGC or User Generated Content – Brands and companies rely on their product/service reviews for improved marketing and sales. When happy customers share videos of themselves using the products/services offered by these brands and discuss if and how they benefited from it on social media – it boosts credibility for the company. 2019 saw many companies try to incorporate increased USG into their marketing practices. Contests were held and rewards awarded to customers who sent in such videos.

Employing a data-gleaned approach – Companies and the video production services they commission to develop video marketing content for them are slowly waking up to the reality that the one-size-fits-all generic video making is no longer benefiting them. When these video services providers gather and analyze relevant data to focus their video on the section of the population that they think will best respond to them, they reap better benefits. The message conveyed and the time when the video content is released is also of great importance in such data-specific video marketing. 2020 will have many companies stray from their regular video making approach to localize their efforts.

Discussed above are only a handful of video marketing trends that video production services will try to engage in. There are many others. However, if you or your video agency wants to maximize your earnings, you should consider reading up more about these upcoming video marketing trends shared above.

Perhaps you can allocate the required budget and put these trends into practice for your 2020 video marketing initiatives. You don’t want to be stuck with outdated video marketing practices now when all your industry peers have moved on to recognizing the potential in new technology and tactics, do you?