HLH teams up with SKIOLD of Denmark to venture into cattle farming. Un Rithy/AKP

HLH, otherwise also known as Hong Lai Huat, whose core business or property development and agriculture, has teamed up with Skiold A/S of Denmark to explore investment into a $ 1 billion proposed Cambodia-Singapore Agriculture Special Economic Zone.

According to reports published in The Edge, Singapore, the objective of the MOU is to “create the foundation for the first mutual platform for cooperation to enhance trade and economic cooperation and technical exchanges within the field of poultry and cattle farming as well as seed processing for Cambodia,” Hong Lai Huat said  statement dated Monday, August 7.

Under the MOU, both companies have agreed to initiate the setting up of livestock and seed production in the agriculture economic zone, perform a feasibility study of the proposed new project for the initiative comprising the development and implementation of livestock and agricultural production, and create more job opportunities within the next six months.

“We are very pleased to have entered into this MoU with SKIOLD A/S on the potential collaboration of the Cambodia-Singapore Agriculture Special Economic Zone,” says Ong Jia Jing general manager and executive director at Hong Lai Huat, The Edge quoted.

“Being a company that has broad range of expertise in the livestock industry we see this collaboration as an excellent connection and hope to see positive result spin-offs from the initiative not only to Cambodia but also for Singapore, we that through this initiative in return help Singapore reach 30 by 30 vision through adopting Danish technologies to raise productivity, apply R&D, strengthen food resilience and sustainability”, says Sussie Ketit, Regional Director for SKIOLD A/S as said by The Edge.

HLH has several high rise development projects in Cambodia, both in the Capital as well as the coastal city of Sihanoukville.