At The the Omega project we do offer an extensive solutions for jewellery e-commerce. We do both can create a webshop for you and help you with marketing

Do you have a knack for making handmade jewellery?

Your friends and family already wear your pieces, but it might be time to expand this hobby into something more. And with all the handmade marketplaces out there, moving your business online would be one of the best options.

So if you’re ready to market your unique items, ecommerce is going to be essential toward getting your business up and running. (And selling!)

Here are five killer tips that will help you to start selling handmade jewellery online.


1. Open an Online Store

Selling online can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Online store make it possible for you to sell your crafty goods without the hassle. You can have tech support and a user-friendly platform that makes it easy.

At The Omega Project we can build a Digital Jewellery shop for you as fast as two weeks, with all luxury design, payments and delivery integration.

The less time you have to spend creating a place for you to sell online, the more time you can spend making jewellery.

Once your business gets going, the more places you can sell your items, the better. You want to get your name (and jewellery) out there as much as possible.

2. Keep Up With the Trends

As someone who creates accessories, you should be making an effort to keep up with the latest trends, especially if your target market is teens and young adults.

Do a quick online search of the jewellery trends and get creative! For example, right now, large statement pieces, layered necklaces, and bangles are totally in.

Everything is constantly changing, especially within the fashion world. Keeping up with the latest trends will give you the edge you need when selling handmade jewellery.

3. Price Your Pieces for What They Are Worth

Don’t be afraid to charge a reasonable price for your jewellery. Your pieces are unique! Give yourself some credit for those handmade items.

You don’t want to charge too much for your jewellery because it will be hard to sell, and you also don’t want to charge too little because it decreases the perceived value of your items.

Here are some common wholesale pricing structures you can use:

  • Cost for materials x 3 or 3.5
  • $35/hour of labor + cost of materials
  • $20/hour of labor + cost of materials + 50%

Choose which one fits you and your products the best. It’s up to you! Just remember not to over- or underestimate the price.

4. Your Product Photos Should be On Point

One of the most (if not the most) important parts of selling handmade jewellery are the product photos. You need to entice customers to purchase your jewellery with a picture… so there’s a lot riding on that photo.


Here are our tips to you:

Less is more – Especially for jewellery, you should take photos that are simple, and not filled with a bunch of unnecessary distractions. Let your piece be the star.

Take multiple photos – Shoppers want to see exactly what they are purchasing. Provide multiple photos, including one with someone modelling the piece so that the shopper can see what it looks like on.

Use a plain background – Pick a light or dark color that makes the product stand out. Make sure it is simple and not distracting. You want customers to be drawn to your product.

When editing your photos, although Photoshop would be the best option, you definitely don’t need it. You can find several free online tools that would still make your product photos look great.

Try photo-editing websites such as PicMonkey or Canva.

5. Write Product Descriptions That Attract Shoppers

Communicate with your customers! Make sure you have detailed product descriptions.

The more detail you give, the better. (But that also doesn’t mean the more you write, the better your products will sell.) Detailed doesn’t necessarily mean a ton of writing.

Include a description of the product materials, as well as any other information you think someone would want to know before purchasing. (Colors/patterns your jewellery comes in, sizes, how it was made, any customization you accept and so on.)

Especially when selling handmade jewellery, product descriptions are just as important as the product photos.


Handmade Jewellery Is Totally In!

Selling handmade jewellery can be a very lucrative business, and these tips will help you get started with ecommerce.

The number of shoppers looking for handmade jewellery continues to grow, so jump on in and see if your business can make a splash. Give your unique and happily handmade pieces a chance to be worn.